The Recordings resource lets you retrieve information about recordings created during calls as well as manage recordings on a live call.

Base URL for CallId Specific Recordings{accountId}/calls/{callId}/recordings

Base URL for all Recordings{accountId}/recordings

Recording & Voice Media Storage

Bandwidth will keep recordings for up to 30 days. After 30 days the recordings will be deleted from Bandwidth's servers.

⚠️ Caution on fetching Recordings ⚠️

You MUST use your API Credentials to download the recording each and every time you want to access the file. We DO NOT recommend using Bandwidth's url to display/stream media files to your end-users. Providing your accountID, & API Credentials to users' devices is a security risk, as they could use your credentials to access your account.

Instead, we recommend that you create a copy on your local server or a cloud storage service. Doing so allows you to specify YOUR authentication method (if any) to keep your Bandwidth account and users safe.


HTTP Method Path Description
GET /recordings Returns a max of 1000 recordings, sorted by startTime from oldest to newest
PUT /calls/{callId}/recording Pause or resume a recording on an active call
GET /calls/{callId}/recordings Retrieve information about all of the recordings that occurred during a call
GET /calls/{callId}/recordings/{recordingId} Retrieve information about a recording
DELETE /calls/{callId}/recordings/{recordingId} Delete the recording information, media and transcription
GET /calls/{callId}/recordings/{recordingId}/media Retrieve the recording media
DELETE /calls/{callId}/recordings/{recordingId}/media Delete the recording media
POST /calls/{callId}/recordings/{recordingId}/transcription Request a transcription
GET /calls/{callId}/recordings/{recordingId}/transcription Retrieve the transcription
DELETE /calls/{callId}/recordings/{recordingId}/transcription Delete the transcription

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