Recording Available event

The Recording Available event is sent after a recording has been processed. It indicates that the recording is available for download.

Expected response

HTTP/1.1 204


Property Description
eventType The event type, value is recordingAvailable.
accountId The user account associated with the call.
applicationId The id of the application associated with the call.
to The phone number that received the call, in E.164 format (e.g. +15555555555).
from The phone number that made the call, in E.164 format (e.g. +15555555555).
direction The direction of the call. Either inbound or outbound. The direction of a call never changes.
callId The call id associated with the event.
recordingId The unique id for this recording.
channels Number of channels in the recording (1 or 2).
startTime The time that the recording started (in ISO8601 format).
endTime The time that the recording ended (in ISO8601 format).
duration The duration of the recording (in ISO8601 format).
fileFormat The audio format that the recording was saved as (wav or mp3).
callUrl The URL of the call associated with the event.
mediaUrl The URL of the recording media.
tag (optional) The tag specified earlier in the call. If no tag was specified or it was previously cleared, null.
status The state of the recording. Can be complete, partial, or error. A partial status indicates that, although the recording is available to be downloaded, parts of the recording are missing.

Example: Recording Available event

POST http://[External server URL]
    "eventType"     : "recordingAvailable",
    "accountId"     : "55555555",
    "applicationId" : "7fc9698a-b04a-468b-9e8f-91238c0d0086",
    "to"            : "+15553334444",
    "from"          : "+15551112222",
    "direction"     : "outbound",
    "callId"        : "c-95ac8d6e-1a31c52e-b38f-4198-93c1-51633ec68f8d",
    "recordingId"   : "r-115da407-e3d9-4ea7-889f-5f4ad7386a80",
    "channels"      : 1,
    "startTime"     : "2019-09-13T16:48:29.235Z",
    "endTime"       : "2019-09-13T16:48:48.890Z",
    "duration"      : "PT20.056S",
    "fileFormat"    : "wav",
    "callUrl"       : "https://../{accountId}/calls/{callId-1}",
    "mediaUrl"      : "https://../{accountId}/calls/{callId-1}/recordings/{recordingId}/media",
    "status"        : "complete"

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