Bandwidth Messaging V2 API Error Reporting and Codes


Error Reporting

The Bandwidth V2 messaging API presents errors on the callback URL using the message-failed type in the payload body along with an errorCode and description. An example is as follows:

    "type"          : "message-failed",
    "time"          : "2016-09-14T18:20:16Z",
    "description"   : "forbidden to country",
    "errorCode"     : 4432,
    "to"            : "+52345678903",
    "message"       : {
    "id"            : "14762070468292kw2fuqty55yp2b2",
    "time"          : "2016-09-14T18:20:16Z",
    "to"            : [
    "from"          : "+12345678901",
    "text"          : "Hey, check this out!",
    "applicationId" : "93de2206-9669-4e07-948d-329f4b722ee2",
    "media"         : [
    "owner"         : "+12345678901",
    "direction"     : "out"

The description is purely informative and should not be utilized in error handling routines. Only the errorCode should be used.

Error Code Schema

Bandwidth’s error code schema for messaging V2 is comprised of a 4 digit code. As shown in the table below, the most significant digit indicates whether the error is client (customer) or server in nature while the second most significant indicates whether the error was reported by Bandwidth or the downstream carrier. The last 2 are Bandwidth specific codes or bandwidth normalization of carrier specific codes.

Client / Server


Bandwidth / carrier





Client error


Bandwidth Rejected

Bandwidth Specific




Carrier Rejected

Carrier Normalized


Server Error


Bandwidth Server Error

Bandwidth Specific




Carrier Reported Service Failure

Carrier Normalized


Ambiguous Error

The error is related to downstream failures, but the specific reason for failure is unclear.

Message Delivery Codes Table

Error Types

Bandwidth Detected Client Errors

A 4xx code indicates that Bandwidth or the downstream carrier has identified some element of the message request unacceptable. Repeating the request will produce the same result.

Code Description Billable
4001 Message was rejected for reasons other than those covered by other 4xxx codes NO
4121 Rejected as SPAM YES
4301 Malformed message encoding NO
4302 Malformed From number NO
4303 Malformed To Number NO
4350 Malformed message encoding NO
4401 Message is looping from carrier back to BW NO
4403 Messaging forbidden on From number NO
4404 Messaging forbidden on To number NO
4405 Unallocated from number NO
4406 Unallocated to number NO
4410 Could not download media NO
4411 Combined size of media too large NO
4412 Failed to parse Content-Type for media NO
4420 No Route to Destination Carrier NO
4421 No Route to Destination Carrier NO
4431 Messaging on shortcode forbidden NO
4432 Messaging to country forbidden NO
4433 Messaging on Toll Free Number Forbidden NO
4434 Messaging to Toll Free Number Forbidden NO
4435 Too Many Recipients NO
4451 Invalid User Id NO
4452 Invalid Application Id NO
4470 Rejected as SPAM (future) YES
4481 From Number in black list NO
4482 To Number in black list NO
4492 Message to emergency number forbidden NO
4493 Unauthorized NO

Carrier Reported Client Errors

Code Description Billable
4700 Carrier Rejected as Invalid Service Type YES
4720 Carrier Rejected as Invalid Destination Address YES
4740 Carrier Rejected as Invalid Source Address YES
4750 Carrier Rejected Message YES
4751 Message too long for carrier YES
4770 Carrier Rejected as SPAM YES
4775 Carrier Rejected due to user opt out YES
4780 Carrier rejected due to P2P volumetric violation YES
4721 TN on deactivation list YES
4790 Carrier Rejected Due to Short Code Restriction YES
4791 Carrier Rejected Short Code Campaign Not Allowed YES
4792 Carrier Rejected Short Code Not Provisioned YES
4793 Carrier Rejected Short Code Expired YES

Bandwidth Service Failures

A 5xx code indicates that either Bandwidth or the downstream carrier has reported a service failure. For Bandwidth failures, the customer can retry the request and expect a different result. For carrier errors a retry may also yield a different result however the customer should limit to a single retry attempt as the error encoding schema and strategy varies greatly by carrier and while Bandwidth endeavors to normalize carrier codes into predictable values there can be exceptions.

Code Description Billable
5100 Application Error NO
5101 Application Error NO
5106 Impossible to route / Attempt to deliver through retries has failed. NO
5111 Application Error NO
5112 Application Error NO
5143 Application Error NO
5144 Application Error NO
5146 Application Error NO
5201 Application Error NO
5211 Application Error NO
5220 Application Error NO
5231 Application Error NO
5500 General Message Send Failure NO
5501 General Message Send Failure NO
5503 Service Unavailable NO

Carrier Reported Service Failures

Code Description Billable
5600 Carrier Service Unavailable YES
5610 Carrier Service Failure YES
5620 Carrier Application Error YES
5630 Carrier Application Error YES
5650 Carrier Service Failure YES
5999 Unknown error from downstream YES

Carrier Errors with Ambiguous Cause

Code Description Billable
9902 Timed out waiting for delivery receipt. The reason a delivery receipt was not received is not known. YES
9999 Unknown error from downstream. Carrier reported a failure code that is unknown to Bandwidth. YES

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