Message Delivered Event

In order to receive message events, you need to ensure you have set up your application to send callbacks to your server's URL.


Parameter Type Description
type string The Event type
time array The time of the event described in the receipt
description string A detailed description of the event described by the receipt
to string The destination number for an outbound message receipt
message Object An object of message information string The unique ID of this message
message.owner string The phone number this particular message is associated with.
For an outbound message, this is always the from number.
For an inbound message, this will be (one of) the to number(s).
For instance, if this is an inbound group message, the owner field will be set to the to number that this particular copy of the group message belongs to.
message.time string The time stamp of when message was created
message.direction string Whether the message was sent from Bandwidth, or received by a Bandwidth number array The phone number (or numbers) the message the message is sent to. On a POST, this can be a String, or an array of one or more numbers. In all other places, this will be an array.
message.from string The phone number the message was sent from
message.text string Empty text/string. Message text content will not be sent in callback.
message.applicationId string The ID of the Application your from number is associated with in the Bandwidth Phone Number Dashboard. array A list of URLs to include as media attachments as part of the message
message.tag string An custom String that you can use to track this particular message
message.segmentCount int This indicates the number of segments the original message from the user is broken into before sending over to career networks

Message delivered to carrier

POST /your_url HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
User-Agent: BandwidthAPI/v2

    "type"          : "message-delivered",
    "time"          : "2016-09-14T18:20:16Z",
    "description"   : "Message delivered to carrier",
    "to"            : "+12345678902",
    "message"       : {
      "id"            : "14762070468292kw2fuqty55yp2b2",
      "time"          : "2016-09-14T18:20:16Z",
      "to"            : [
      "from"          : "+12345678901",
      "text"          : "",
      "applicationId" : "93de2206-9669-4e07-948d-329f4b722ee2",
      "owner"         : "+12345678902",
      "direction"     : "in",
      "segmentCount"  : 1

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